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Taurus Infotec offers a high quality Business Management Solutions to its clients, integrating all departments on one platform. This enhances managements ability to have better control of business & helps in decision making. What we offer is not just a software for clerical jobs, but a management system evolved over the years using best practices in the industry.


Be responsive to the feedback received from our large base of users, resellers and consultants, continually set high performance and productivity standards in the industry.


A Satisfied Client is our greatest achievement.


Our development team spend ample time studying related material, collecting bits and pieces of information, which might be useful for a particular software development. Your software will be completed with appeal and functionality so that the user can navigate easily.

We work with the concept of win-win philosophy. Our business can't succeed if you don't do well. We can't control all the aspects of your work, but a few things we can control are:

Deliver the project on time

Create user-friendly  friendly design

Keep all the dealings transparent

and Be there whenever you need assistance and upgrades.



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